Facebook’s data privacy and security debate continue. These heated discussions brought reactions to Facebook users closing their accounts. Elon Musk’s removal of Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook accounts also makes it more of remain on the agenda. Although, it looks like a Turkish user eggs him on…



Does Facebook really want the continuation of these discussions? Is it done intentionally? Who does the agenda work for?

When we examine the last period of Facebook, we see that it is not as innovative as the old one and does not even make innovative purchases. It’s clear that it’s not just Facebook, but an entirely digital innovation. The platforms are becoming more and more like each other, there isn’t a different and new device after the iPhone, the new VR devices cannot be integrated at the desired level due to technical and physiological problems (causing the health problems such as nausea etc.)

Look from a broad perspective, the technology we need is integrated with us, not what we carry. (Calculating how much my shoe walked instead of the phone and giving feedback)

This is also globally named Internet of things. It needs to be developed, matured, widespread. Wearable technologies, interconnected devices, innovations that make life easier… We expect all of us to be a part of our life with radical changes.


In this context, we can not say that the digital situation is exactly the problem of innovation because the new technologies developed as innovations are shaped on a world that takes a lot of data about us and makes sense and offers us suggestions. At this point, personal data is needed to be shared.



Now look at the connection;

The easiest way to normalize a conversation is to increase the conversation about that topic. Because after a while people will not be able to show their reactions to that issue more than they first heard. The agenda for sharing data and using it for different purposes is also being kept trending and trying to normalize. And as we end up with this normalization process, we’ll start to think less about this issue, considering how everyone uses our data. Then; the initiators of this topic will begin to whisper to us that data security is limiting our lives and that our personal data will be useful to us if it is used with artificial intelligence.

Facebook will be able to make actual many new products and make new purchases with the use of our personal data. For example; using the data of the accounts to bring people to whom the people can agree and can handle the relationship. Which may be far beyond Facebook, which is another theory (such as a proposal by States to provide us with a better and safer life by keeping track of our personal information and controlling it).


As a result of these discussions, we will voluntarily use applications that add value to our lives by using our expressions that are accepted, normalized and believed to be good for humanity.

A grocery store follows your refrigerator and offers you a weekly shopping list…

A smart home that makes sense by watching your 1-month behaviour in your home then prepares morning coffee, opens and closes your curtains at the right time, sets the room temperature…

And more…


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