Production with artificial intelligence, robots, 3d printers is the most talked-about topic of the last period. So much so that a large part of the heads of state are in various explanations about artificial intelligence, and various studies are being carried out.

The Department of Artificial Intelligence is being established in the United Arab Emirates.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is explaining that the country holding the artificial intelligence will manage the whole world in the future.

There is also intense competition in the artificial intelligence race between the United States and China. This situation can easily be seen from patent applications, which are published in countries. In China, artificial intelligence patent applications have seen a 200% increase, the clearest result of this.

French President Emmanuel Macron says artificial intelligence is a technological, economic, social and open moral revolution. 

Elon Musk believes that artificial intelligence will lead to the third world war.


”There are three events of equal importance, if you like. Event one is the creation of the universe. It’s a fairly important event. Event two is the appearance of life. Life is a kind of organizing principle which one might argue against if one didn’t understand enough — shouldn’t or couldn’t happen on thermodynamic grounds, or some such. And, third, there’s the appearance of artificial intelligence.” -Edward Fredkin


What happens to production, economy and technology in the world while this race is going on between the states?

When we look at the developments we can call useful with the development of artificial intelligence;

– Increased production speed and productivity,
– The emergence of higher quality products,
– In many professions, people get jobs by getting robots to work, the reduction of illnesses and mistakes,
– Finding cures for diseases and injuries,
– The emergence of new solutions for the protection of the natural environment,
– Increased need for qualified workforce,

can be considered as such.

Now let’s look at what kind of developments are experienced in different fields with examples;

Drone production, which will facilitate transportation in the drone’s with various kinds of features and which will bring a new breath to the transportation sector. As these drones are developed, they can lead to large import and export changes from small e-commerce orders. So the world is shrinking, approaching each other.


With the development of artificial intelligence and robots, it is clear that many professions will disappear. As an example, we can look at police robots. It’s much harder for criminals to work with sensors and cameras.

Another example is robot teachers. In a school in Finladia, a teacher called ‘Elias’, who is a robot, knows 23 languages, teaches children. Elias can act according to the skill level of the children, and can also prepare a report on the development of children for teachers.



Let’s come to production. In agriculture, with robots, it’s aiming to decrease work power and increase productivity. Robots that collect crops to learn, driveless tractors and more are entrusted to robots as well.


The backbone of the economy is the industry, the factories, the production? Here, too, systems that are transformed with artificial intelligence, robots is in the forefront. This technology is actively used in various countries of the world. It is estimated that in the US alone, more than 250,000 robots were installed in 2017.

Technological developments are continuing in the areas of sustainability, protection of the environment and so on. Researchers at the University of Southern California have been inspired by nature to develop materials that can help clean up oil spills. The team used 3D printers to recreate the microstructure composition of the floating fern leaves for this purpose.



Looking at the ongoing research in the field of health, different studies are produced. Optical lenses produced with 3D technology and prosthetic hand produced with 3D technology change the lives of many people.



Let’s not forget Sophia when talking about artificial intelligence and robots. Now we have seen Sophia, which is recognized by the whole world, as many of us, from catalog shoots until now. The last time he had a conversation with Will Smith and not laughing at his jokes.



As far as developments in the robots are concerned, we should not forget about Atlas Robot. US technology company Boston Dynamics has produced Atlas Robot for use in search and rescue operations. The robot performs a variety of physical activities and he can tumble down over. 


Boston Dynamics’ four-legged dog robot SpotMini can now open doors.

It still does not connect to the results and discussing the domestic automobile production in Turkey, the world produced with 3D printers, electric vehicles are on the agenda.


Many developments taking place in this kind in the world, Turkey is only at the idea stage. These technologies are not included in the curriculum except for a few universities in Turkey.

While optimistic and pessimistic theories about artificial intelligence are on the world, production continues to be active.

Even in the age of the industry, Turkey is  a less developed country – our situation in the industry is still too limited to grow – we are very late in the technological era of the new system and in this environment where our current account deficit is increasing day by day, new technologies that we can not adapt will increase our current account deficit at a higher rate. Increase of this current account deficit will be reflected in the currencies in parallel and we will not be able to solve inflation and interest problems.

All this makes it difficult to create a parallel environment where the difference between the investment cycle with developed countries and Turkey will gain on as ever. 


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